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    Purchasing and selling of vavious castings,materials, equipments and softwares.

    Casting products


    1.  FC, FCD400~FCAD1800, FCAD850~1400

    2.  SC, SCW, alloy cast steel

    3.  Pinkus metal, stainless steel casting

    ・Casting technology

    1. Automatic molding and hand molding (0.5kg~100kg)

    2. Furan resin-sand molding

    3. Investment casting

    4. Evaporative pattern casting

    5. Resin coated sand casting

    6. V casting technology

    Cast equipment

    1. Cutting machines and parts

    2. Combination milling, Grinding and others

    3. Automatic Crush/press

    4. Materials transport equipment


    1. JSCAST analytical ultracentrifuge for casting

    2. Traffic in analytical casting with MAGUMA


    1. Nodulizer series for casting ,CV ALLOY Parameters

    2. FCD、FC、FCW  Inoculants series

    3. Vermiculizer series

    4. Alloy for casting and others



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